For Legal Representatives

What is the benefit of using our services?

  We coordinate with guardianship attorneys and legal guardians to make the completion  of all financial court reports a smooth experience for both parties. We also guarantee our work.

How can we save you time and money?

We offer you a minimal hourly rate and work that is completed within a reasonable timeframe. Our rates are lower than most CPA’s, paralegals, and attorneys!  Our number one goal is to make this process easier for you.

Do I need to be located in your area for you to help me?

No. We’ve worked with Florida guardians who are stationed as far away as the other side of the world.  We receive financial documents through fax, email, postal mail, internet access, and through cloud technology. We also know that every Florida court is different. So, we will work with your attorney to customize your accountings for exactly what your court needs. Wherever you live, and with whatever technology available; we will work with you!

What can we prepare for guardians, trustees, and personal representatives?

  • Annual Accountings
  • ETG Accountings
  • Initial Inventories
  • Probate Accountings
  • Trust Accountings
  • Social Security Rep. Payee Reports
  • VA Fiduciary Accountings

We also can provide:

  • Organization Ideas
  • Record Keeping
  • Bill Paying Services
  • Pre-Audit reviews
  • Consulting