What is the benefit of using our services?

We coordinate with attorneys and legal guardians or trustees to make the completion of the financial court reports and income taxes a smooth experience for everyone.

How can we save you time and money?

In most cases, guardianship accounting fees are billed on a flat rate schedule.  Our fee for this service starts at $375 per accounting. Complex guardianship cases may be billed on an hourly basis for the first accounting. In these cases, a cost estimate can be provided in advance, upon request.  Consulting, payroll, tax preparation, and other services are billed on an hourly basis.

Once you upload an initial inventory or last accounting to us, we will set up your online portal to guide you through what is needed to prepare your accounting. You can even upload documents to us throughout the year so that we are ready to start on your accounting as soon as the fiscal year has passed. Our number one goal is to make this process simple for you.

Do I need to be located in your area for you to help me?

No. We’ve worked with guardians who are all around the world.  Our client portal offers a secure way upload your documents to us.  Once your accountings and tax returns are completed, you will be able to access them in the portal.  If desired, we can invite your attorney to access your accounting and documents too.

We know that every court is different. So, we will work with your attorney to customize your accounting reports to be exactly what your court needs.

What can we prepare for guardians, trustees, and personal representatives?

  • Annual Accountings
  • Social Security Rep. Payee Reports
  • VA Fiduciary Accountings
  • Income tax returns

We also can provide:

  • Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Consulting